Win a full year of free fan site designs!

Friends and members,

I am currently in the need of your help! If you have access to Facebook and a few seconds to spare, can you please vote for GROUP THREE at the myOE Travel Scholarship Competition page!

Your support will not go unrewarded! If you're a fan site webmaster, you can win a full year's supply of fan site layouts! If not, you can be in the draw to win a $50 voucher from your preferred online store, or even just $50 sent to your PayPal instantly!

To vote:

  1. Go to and "Like" them
  2. Click on the "Book myOE Seat" tab
  3. Click on "Vote Now"
  4. And find "Group Three" and click on "Pick Me"!

For more information on the competition, and it's prizes, please visit:

Thank you!

PS. I have uploaded some new downloads over here:
Anna Friel 001

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